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Have you ever wondered what the importance of a logo is and how it affects people? A logo represents or symbolizes your company or your product. It is a trademark.

For instance, whenever you see golden yellow arches that look like the letter “M” you automatically think of McDonalds. Or if you see a check mark, you’ll say it’s Nike. And that’s the logo’s purpose. Designing a logo is not that easy. It’s easy to design a logo that looks good but to present well and get the clients approval you need to be solving problems and thinking about the visual solutions that meet strategic goals.

Sleek, minimalist and simple logo design done in line-art style, depicting an abstract eagle icon. Design is functional, works great as mono weight line, with accent color or gradient colors.

Cryptocurrency feel color gradations sits well on this design which is paired with nice lettering.

Check out the website design too:
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Website design

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