Minimal Logos Posters Prove Just How Recognizable These Brands Are
25 Oct 2017

Minimal Logos Posters Prove Just How Recognizable These Brands Are Portugal-based designer Pedro Almeida has a fascinating project called Power Of Brands – Minimal Logos, in which he highlights how important it

How to Design a Minimal Logo That Works
24 Oct 2017

It doesn’t get much more minimal than that classic Nike Swoosh. The design is simple, iconic and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t know what it stands for.

Typographic logos: 35 eye-catching examples
23 Oct 2017

Typographic logos: 35 eye-catching examples Sometimes type is all you need to create an eye-catching logo, as these examples show. It’s tough enough to create an effective and memorable logo design,

A New Firefox Logo for a New Firefox Era
16 Oct 2017

After many years of very few changes, Mozilla has changed its famed Firefox logo. The simpler, yet vibrant redesign sees a set of logos with fewer details and a far more flatter

Photographer Photoshops Himself into Old Childhood Photos and the Result Is Amazing
16 Oct 2017

There are plenty of creative uses for Photoshop and even though it's almost hard to believe these days, not all of them involve trolling people. Some of them are genuinely creative,

20 Simple Hacks That Will Make You a Better Photographer
05 Oct 2017

Camera gear and equipment can cost thousands making photography a hobby or profession that gets really expensive, really quickly and whilst having an amazing camera can certainly help you take

6 Free Fonts That Designers Will Love
05 Oct 2017

A series in which we pick out for you a selection of fonts that we think you’d enjoy using. Tell us what you think and if you know of any

People Can’t Decide If They’re Ok with This Street Artist’s Ironic Messages
05 Oct 2017

Not everything that’s written on a wall is vandalism, particularly in the case of street artist Mobstr who’s stencils and works have a witty undertone that causes you to stop

Over 150 People Tried To Draw 10 Famous Logos From Memory, And The Results Are Hilarious
01 Oct 2017

A companies logo is what sticks in your memory and for good reason, they spend millions each year on marketing making sure that their brand does just that, but just

01 Feb 2017

What makes a logo special? Colours? The company it represents? The designer? It's all opinion really, but one thing's for sure, putting a hidden message in your logo gets people

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